Definition of Take

  • 1. The income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property Noun
  • 2. The act of photographing a scene or part of a scene without interruption Noun
  • 3. Carry out Verb
  • 4. Require (time or space) Verb
  • 5. Take somebody somewhere Verb
  • 6. Get into one's hands, take physically Verb
  • 7. Take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect Verb
  • 8. Interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression Verb
  • 9. Take something or somebody with oneself somewhere Verb
  • 10. Take into one's possession Verb
  • 11. Travel or go by means of a certain kind of transportation, or a certain route Verb
  • 12. Pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives Verb
  • 13. Receive willingly something given or offered Verb
  • 14. Assume, as of positions or roles Verb
  • 15. Take into consideration for exemplifying purposes Verb
  • 16. Require as useful, just, or proper Verb
  • 17. Experience or feel or submit to Verb
  • 18. Make a film or photograph of something Verb
  • 19. Remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract Verb
  • 20. Serve oneself to, or consume regularly Verb
  • 21. Accept or undergo, often unwillingly Verb
  • 22. Make use of or accept for some purpose Verb
  • 23. Take by force Verb
  • 24. Occupy or take on Verb
  • 25. Admit into a group or community Verb
  • 26. Ascertain or determine by measuring, computing or take a reading from a dial Verb
  • 27. Be a student of a certain subject Verb
  • 28. Take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs Verb
  • 29. Head into a specified direction Verb
  • 30. Point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards Verb
  • 31. Be seized or affected in a specified way Verb
  • 32. Have with oneself; have on one's person Verb
  • 33. Engage for service under a term of contract Verb
  • 34. Receive or obtain regularly Verb
  • 35. Buy, select Verb
  • 36. To get into a position of having, e.g., safety, comfort Verb
  • 37. Have sex with; archaic use Verb
  • 38. Lay claim to; as of an idea Verb
  • 39. Be designed to hold or take Verb
  • 40. Be capable of holding or containing Verb
  • 41. Develop a habit Verb
  • 42. Proceed along in a vehicle Verb
  • 43. Obtain by winning Verb
  • 44. Be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness Verb

Morphology of "take"

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