Definition of Reach

  • 1. The limits within which something can be effective Noun
  • 2. An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: Noun
  • 3. The act of physically reaching or thrusting out Noun
  • 4. The limit of capability Noun
  • 5. Reach a destination, either real or abstract Verb
  • 6. Reach a point in time, or a certain state or level Verb
  • 7. Move forward or upward in order to touch; also in a metaphorical sense Verb
  • 8. Be in or establish communication with Verb
  • 9. To gain with effort Verb
  • 10. To extend as far as Verb
  • 11. Reach a goal Verb
  • 12. Place into the hands or custody of Verb
  • 13. To exert much effort or energy Verb
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