Definition of Meet

  • 1. A meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held Noun
  • 2. Being precisely fitting and right Adjective Satellite
  • 3. Come together Verb
  • 4. Get together socially or for a specific purpose Verb
  • 5. Be adjacent or come together Verb
  • 6. Fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction Verb
  • 7. Collect in one place Verb
  • 8. Get to know; get acquainted with Verb
  • 9. Meet by design; be present at the arrival of Verb
  • 10. Contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle Verb
  • 11. Experience as a reaction Verb
  • 12. Undergo or suffer Verb
  • 13. Be in direct physical contact with; make contact Verb

Morphology of "meet"

  • met
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