Definition of Active

  • 1. Tending to become more severe or wider in scope Adjective
  • 2. Disposed to take action or effectuate change Adjective
  • 3. Characterized by energetic activity Adjective
  • 4. Exerting influence or producing a change or effect Adjective
  • 5. Full of activity or engaged in continuous activity Adjective
  • 6. (of the sun) characterized by an increased occurrence of sunspots and flares and radio emissions Adjective
  • 7. Expressing that the subject of the sentence has the semantic function of actor: Adjective
  • 8. (used of verbs (e.g. to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. running' in running water')) expressing action rather than a state of being Adjective
  • 9. (of e.g. volcanos) capable of erupting Adjective
  • 10. (of e.g. volcanos) erupting or liable to erupt Adjective
  • 11. Engaged in full-time work Adjective
  • 12. Chemical agent capable of activity Noun
  • 13. The voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb Noun
  • 14. A person who is a participating member of an organization Noun
  • 15. Engaged in or ready for military or naval operations Adjective Satellite
  • 16. Taking part in an activity Adjective Satellite
  • 17. In operation Adjective Satellite
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